Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Update

Well the last few months hasn't seen nearly as much work as I had hoped on the car.  But good news is that in the last few weeks I have made some good progress on it.

As of today everything is out of the car that needs to be other then the rear end.  I am ready to start putting things back together this weekend and hope to make some good progress on it.

So the current plan is to install the new clutch/flywheel and transmission on Saturday.  Once those are all in I can reinstall the headers and super charger.  With all of that being out I am working on removing the power steering pump and extra pulleys from the belt system for the super charger.  Doing this will help simplify the system and remove some parasitic drag on things, freeing up some power.  Probably won't make much of a difference but its worth it just to remove unneeded parts.  Once the headers are back in I can reconnect the steering column and then install the shocks.  Then the front end is done. 

The rear end is coming out this weekend to head into a shop to have the 3.636 ring and pinion installed.  I should have it back in just a day or two after dropping it off.  The following weekend I should be able to get the rear end installed and hopefully fire up the car.

Things are starting to progress finally!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Long time no update...

Well, its been a while since I have updated the blog.  All in all it was an ok season for autocross.  Did alright but could have been better.  usually in the top 5 at events for raw time and about the same for PAX.   I did discover at the last event of the season, on October 11th, that the Hoosiers are shot.  What I have mounted right now is a set of 275-35/R15 that were used before I got them.  If you can get them hot they aren't bad, but the 11th saw sustained winds of 19mph all day long and gusts of 40mph.  To say the least, the tires never got warm.  At the end of the day I had switched to the R1R tires and was packing up to leave when a friend showed up that wanted a ride.  We did a buck run with out the Hoosiers and, holy crap, what a difference. the car felt planted and could accelerate out of turns much better then with the Hoosiers.  To say the least... I'll be getting a new set of Hoosier A7 next year.

Current plans for the car is to have the shocks serviced and put on some stiffer springs, 800 front, 550 rear.  As of today the shocks are on their way back to me and should be back in the car soon with the new springs installed.  After its a matter of the drive train.  I have a 6 speed transmission to replace the 5 speed.  The catch is that it makes the gear ratios awful.

5 - Speed + 4.3 rear end and 7200 rpm rev limit:
1st gear tops out at  35.87 mph
2nd gear tops out at 59.57 mph
3rd gear tops out at 84.57 mph

6 speed + 4.3 rear end and 7200 rpm
1st gear tops out at 29.91 mph
2nd gear tops out at 49.57 mph
3rd gear tops out at 68.37 mph

I purchased a 3.636 ring and pinion to put in the differential which will take care of it.
6 speed + 3.636 rear end and 7200 rpm
1st gear tops out at 35.38 mph
2nd gear tops out at 58.62 mph
3rd gear tops out at 80.86 mph

Much better and very close to the original ratios. All in all I'm sure I'll have to learn to drive the car again with this many differences.

I also purchased a dead 1992 Miata.  This will eventually become the base for everything that's in the 99.  the car has about a softball sized hole in the block where a rod went through it.   in the end this one will end up about 200-300 lbs lighter then the 99.  this probably won't be in service until 2017.  Going to take my time and do it right as I build it.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The first Event of 2015!

Been a while since an update. This past weekend was the first event my club hosted this year.  Had a lot of fun over the weekend, much trash talk was had.  Saturday I spent the day helping out with the Evo School running timing. I have done 5 of them in the past and learned a lot.  As usual with these classes watching the drivers go through out the day, its awesome seeing how much everyone improves. 

Sunday was the event in Helena.  Such a blast to get out with a car that really keeps up with me.  between my last update and this one I have managed to get almost everything I wanted done on the car.  Hitch is installed, Seat is in and adjusted.  I also added a mount to hold my tablet for data logging.  Sadly I only managed to log my last 3 runs as I was still trying to figure out how to get it working correctly.  All in all, I am super happy with how SoloStorm works.  Totally worth the money now that I understand it.  next step is to get my gopro connected to it so I can have sync'd video with the logging.

The event went well, Managed to take 2nd for raw time and 6th for pax.  threw one supercharger belt on my last run of the morning and replaced it over lunch.  While replacing it I had some help and I think we may have spotted the main issue with why they keep getting shredded.  it appears the super charger is not sitting quite right. the back is lower then the front causing the belt to climb the pulley and shred itself.  current plan is to try and lift the back to align things better and see how it goes.

This is a video of the second run of the day.  Not my fastest but in the ball park.

Here is the results: Results for Helena 5-3-2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

First update of 2015!

Its been a while since I have posted anything. Weather hasn't been very good for getting anything done. 

This last weekend it was 60f so I got off my butt and finished putting in the replacement drivers seat that fits me better.  It is another Ultra Shield seat like the old one that I purchased from a fellow club member a few years ago now.

Other projects on the list include installing the Flyin'Miata tow hitch so I can pull my trailer to events. This hitch is nice and light weight adding only 8 lbs to the car.  I am also considering the Flyin'Miata butterfly brace to stiffen up the whole car.

For now, I just keep eyeballing the calendar wishing it was time to drive!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Well, not a whole lot has been done too the car in the last month.  I still have some simple things planned before next Autocross season but they can wait till close to spring to get done.

In the mean time, I manged to get the car on a dyno to figure out what kind of HP I am getting from the motor.

The dyno wasn't able to track my RPM well so that isn't showing correctly. For the run he based the graphs on speed instead.   As you can see it managed a nice 233.5 HP and 208.7 ft/lbs of torque.

We ran it 3 runs and it was extremely consistent.  the graphs where almost identical between every run.

I was also using my tablet to do some data logging just to see what was going on during the runs.  I noticed that at 4300 rpm or so I am hitting 8.5ish PSI of boos, from there it drops by about 1 psi until it hits 5500 rpm at which point it starts to climb again. 

I am not sure why it is doing this.  will have to do some research so I can understand this one.

Also, I managed to use the left over from the original soft top that came with the car to make a version of a Bikini G-String top for the car.  (much needed for the drive to Bozeman and back today.)
the straps hooked on the Frankenstein bolts.
PVC pipe to keep the front of the top in place between the roll bar and top of the windshield.

All in all it turned out good and it saved me a few hundred bucks over a real one.  It's not a pretty... but it works good.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time for an update

Well, a lot has happened since the last post I made here.  Nathan and I made a deal and I traded my car and parts + some cash for his supercharged 1999 Miata.  So far I am really enjoying the car.

I managed to get the car just in time for the last race of the year for the Bozeman club. I just showed up with it to surprise everyone and boy where they.  All in all it was a great end of the season for me.

On Saturday October 4th I managed to set FTD with the car. Not bad for my first day ever driving it at an event.  Sunday I took second for FTD by .286 seconds.  also not bad for only the second day every running it at an event.

I have a few plans for the car over the winter, nothing major.  I have a different Ultrashield seat that I am going to put in it that fits me slightly better then the one that came in the car.  I'd like to do a bikini soft top for it if I can manage it.

Other then that, it's just a matter of tweaking things to my liking and probably an oil change just for because.

Looking forward to next years events >:-)

Here's the results for the weekend
Saturday Oct 4th
Sunday Oct 5th

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The plan for the winter...

So, with everything that went wrong with the car in the last month or so I have been working on deciding what to do about it.

At I am in the process of purchasing a custom built head from Flyin' Miata.  It is going to take a few months before it will be here and ready to install but I will have plenty of time to get it ready for next season.

on top of the new head I have a few other more minor plans in the works.  I am going to build a custom intake setup and get rid of the current "cold" air intake that I have on the car now.  What I have planned should give the car cold air at all times and even possibly a slight positive pressure at high enough speeds.

I am also removing the power steering system to cut a but more weight. I am going to quick/dirty route because I don't want to deal with the 'good' method.  The good method is a bit tedious and a pain in the ass.

With getting rid of the current intake I will be able to add a proper shock tower brace which should stiffen the car up when going over rough sections of road.

The last is a fairly minor change but it will add more comfort when driving the car on longer distance.  I am going to pull up the carpet and lay down some insulation to keep the heat out of the interior as much as I can.  The heat is one of the biggest issues I have with driving the car in the summer with no A/C in it.

There are a few other things that I would love to do for next year as well such as getting a set of Hoosiers but I don't see that happening now with what I have spent so far on the head.  We'll see what happens in the next 6 months though.